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GoPro announces Hero10 Black with new chip & better performance

GoPro announces Hero10 Black with new chip & better performance

Just a year ago, GoPro introduced the Hero9 Black action camera. Today they announced its successor, the Hero 10 Black. GoPros’ latest action cameras are familiar, but the new internal GP2 chip significantly improves performance.

With its GP2 chip, the Hero10 Black features double the performance frame rates compared to 2020’s Hero9 Black. The increased processing power has other benefits. The Hero10 can upload a video to your phone or the cloud 30 percent faster than the Hero9. The Hero10 can plug directly into your smartphone for even faster uploads through GoPro’s Quik app, something not possible on the Hero9. The Hero9 introduced a front screen, although it was limited by poor framerate. Thanks to the GP2, the front display now runs at 30 frames per second despite being the same display.

Increased processing power gets more out of the 23.6MP image sensor. The Hero9 allowed users to pull 12MP still images from 4K 4:3 video. The Hero10 instead grabs 19.6MP stills from 5.3K 4:3 video. The Hero9 was limited to 5K 16:9 video, where the Hero10 records 5.3K 16:9 video, resulting in an additional megapixel when grabbing stills.

The GP2 chip helps with video framerates as well, which is perhaps the biggest boost offered by the increased processing power. The Hero10 Black records 5.3K/60p, 4K/120p and 2.7K/240p video. The Hero9 recorded 5K/30p, 4K/60p and FHD video at 240 frames per second.

With the new HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization software included, the video is not only high quality and fast, but also more stable. GoPro Hero10 includes three levels of stabilization: Off, Standard, and Boost. Boost crops the footage, but promises the most stable footage possible. The standard is not crop, but it is not as smooth as the reinforcement.

The Hero10 uses the same batteries as the Hero9, but with higher-res video at faster frame rates, the result is that it does drain faster, per The Verge. During hands-on time, reviewer Becca Farsace investigated GoPro’s claims of improved tone mapping and noise reduction from the GP2 chip. Farsace found that low-light performance is improved.

While the GoPro Hero10 Black is available now for $499 ($399 with an annual GoPro subscription), some new features are being added on November 16, including Max lens mod support, additional resolutions, 24fps at all resolutions and GoPro’s SuperView lens at 5.3K at 30, 25 and 24fps. For more information, visit GoPro.